It is a combination of two medicines in an inhaler. Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps will relieve long-term asthma and COPD symptoms. Thus one can breathe easily. It works by inhibiting certain chemical messengers from releasing that may be causing inflammation. Thus it causes relaxation of the muscles present in the airways. 

Consult your doctor and understand how often you must use the inhaler. The medicine’s effect may get noticed a few days after using it. Yet it will show maximum effect after some weeks. The medicine should always be used regularly to make it effective. So keep on using it even if you no more have any symptoms. It means that the medication is working. If you suddenly stop taking it, your symptoms will worsen. Remember not to use the medicine to relieve sudden shortness of breath. To enjoy all benefits of the medicine, you must ensure you get the inhaler technique correct, or else it will not work.

Before you use it, tell your doctor if you have any liver or kidney diseases or have ever suffered from any. Thus your doctor will prescribe a suitable dosage for you. Let your doctor know whether you are pregnant or planning to conceive or if you are breastfeeding.



It is a combination of two medicines. They are Formoterol and Budesonide. The former is a long-acting bronchodilator. It works to relax the muscles of the airways, and thus the airways are widened. The latter is a steroid. Certain chemical messengers are responsible for causing airway inflammation. Budesonide works to stop their release. Thus together, these two medicines make breathing much easier. 



You should never swallow the medicine. Before using Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps, check the label for directions. Put the capsule at the rotahaler’s base and never in the mouthpiece. Then completely twist the mouthpiece until you are able to hear a click. Deeply breathe in through the mouthpiece. After that, hold your breath for up to at least 10 seconds. If any powder stays in the rotahaler, then repeat this process.



Most side effects never require any medical attention. They disappear as the body adjusts to Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps. The most common ones are vomiting, nausea, respiratory tract infection, voice hoarseness, and fungal infection in the mouth. Other side effects include cough, sore throat, headache, bone, muscle or joint pain, and increased heart rate. Do not stop to take it. Consult your doctor. These side effects can be prevented by rinsing your throat and mouth with water. You can brush your teeth after you use the inhaler. Some other side effects are rarer but can get serious. Consult your doctor if you get worried about them.




Q-Is there any benefit to using Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps?

It is used in the treatment of COPD. The medicine helps the airways present in your lungs to stay open. It relaxes the muscles of such airways. This makes it easier for air to not only move in but also move out. It will relieve symptoms like tight chest tightness, wheezing, coughing, and shortness of breath. This will aid you in carrying out your everyday activities more efficiently. It is safe and highly effective. The medicine usually starts to work within some minutes of taking it. Its effects may last for several hours. Never stop using the medicine unless your doctor advises you.


Q-What will happen if I forget to take Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps?

If you miss any Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps dosage, take it as soon as you remember. Yet if it is nearly time for the next dosage, skip your missed one. Continue with your regular dosage. Never double your dosage.


Q-Is it safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women?

It may be unsafe to use the medicine if you are pregnant. Your doctor will be checking the benefits and all potential risks before he prescribes the medicine to you. Have a discussion with your doctor in case you are pregnant and you need to use this medication. On the other hand, breastfeeding women can use it as it is probably safe. Limited data suggest that the medicine has no significant risk to the baby. Still, one should get medical assistance.


Q-Can I stop to Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps if I am relieved of symptoms?

Never stop Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps dosage. If you do so, your symptoms may reappear. It will cause severe complications. Always take this medicine as advised by a doctor. 


Q-How should I store and dispose of Foracort 6+100mcg Rota caps?

Always try to keep the medicine in the same container it came in. Keep it tightly closed. Store the medicine as per the instructions mentioned on the label or the pack. Dispose of any unused medicine. Ensure it is never consumed by your kids, pets, or other people.

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