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Valif Oral Jelly

Valif oral jelly
Valif oral jelly

Valif Oral Jelly


Product Code    : GP5140
Brand name       : Vardenafil Oral Jelly
Generic Name   : Vardenafil Hcl.
Manufacturer    : N/A
Presentation      : Jelly
Delivery Days    : 10-12 working days

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Valif oral jelly

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain a penile erection during sex. It affects men. Erectile dysfunction happens due to insufficient flow of blood into the penis. But Valif oral jelly will treat this condition. It will increase blood flow by relaxing the penile blood vessels. Thus an erection will take place. It is the natural response to sexual excitement.

Your doctor will prescribe you the dosage. If he mentioned that you should take it with a meal, do so. But do not have it on a heavy stomach. The medicine will only be effective if you are sexually excited. It should not be used to enhance sexual activity. It is only recommended use for getting rid of impotence in men. No woman or kids should use it. Take the medication if you need it, and your doctor prescribed it. Please do not share it with anyone with the same condition or symptoms as you.


How effective is Valif oral jelly?

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction should not be worried. They should start using the medication for the treatment of this male disorder. Remember that the medicine is available in the form of oral jelly. It is a liquid form of Valif medication. Men prefer to use oral jelly. This is because the liquid gets easily dissolved once put inside the mouth. Thus, it shows its effect very fast as it is easily absorbed. In order to treat male impotence, you should have one tablet daily with some water. In order to get the best result, you should try to take it half an hour before having sex with your partner.


Frequently asked questions?

Q-Should I use it to treat my impotence?

It is such a male impotence drug that it is available in jelly form. This jelly form is actually a liquid form of this medicineThis medicine’s active ingredient helps to increase blood flow into the penis. The increased flow of blood into the penis makes the male organ enlarged. This is as a result of muscle relaxation. Because of this enlargement of the male organ, proper penile erection is possible. Not only a proper erection of the penis is attained, but it is also maintained for a long time during the course of a sexual activity. One should take the prescribed dosage of the medicine orally at first. Then depending on their body’s reaction to the drug, the dosage of Valif oral jelly may get reduced or increased by the doctor. 

Q-I have taken oral tablets. Should I switch to its oral jelly?

Men prefer to use the jelly form of this medication because the body quickly absorbs this medicine. Since this male impotence drug is in liquid form, you can take it orally along with a glass of water. You will be able to swallow it easily as well as digest it. Within a few minutes of its digestion, it becomes effective in treating male impotence.

Q-My doctor prescribed me this medication to treat my male disorder. What should I tell him before using it?

Before using this medication, you need to inform your doctor regarding your past medical history or any other eye-related problems. Tell him if you ever had heart, kidney, liver, blood, or stomach issues. Your doctor must know if you have a heart attack, stroke, angina, or stomach bleeding. Never feel reluctant to tell your doctor about other problems related to your penis, like anatomical deformation, priapism history, or Peyronie’s disease. Try not to take it if you have any allergies to it or its ingredients. Tell your doctor regarding all the other medications you are using as they may be impacted or be get affected by this medication. 

Q-I need this medication for impotence treatment. Can I get it without a prescription?

No. You will require a prescription from your doctor to get hold of this medication. This is because Valif oral jelly is a prescription medication. Your doctor will be prescribing this medication only if he judges that you will get benefit from using it. 

Q-Does it cause a headache?

Yes. It may cause headaches in a few people. It is this medication’s common side effect. Yet few studies suggest that headaches commonly occur in those men who take higher dosages. So, if you suffer from a headache while using it, tell your doctor. This is because you may require a modification of your dosage. Your doctor will suggest different ways of managing your headache. He may change the dosage to a lower one or whatever will suit you best. Never alter the dosage on your own, as it can make the medication less effective. Please take it in the dosage and duration prescribed by your doctor to get hold of the maximum benefit of the medication. 




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