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Bactroban Ointment

Bactobran ointment
Bactobran ointment

Bactroban Ointment


Product Code   : GP9179
Generic Name  : Mupirocin
Brand Name     : Bactobran 2
Manufacture    : GSK
Presentation    : Ointment
Delivery Days  : 10 working days
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Bactroban Ointment: Uses, side effects

Bactroban Ointment is classified as an antibiotic topical drug that is used to treat several skin infections such as red sores, boils, etc. The medicine acts by killing bacteria and also preventing the spread of infection. The ointment helps to improve and ease the underlying symptoms. It is only made to use externally. However, don’t try to apply it on cuts wounds, or broken skin. Apply it to the affected skin according to the prescribed doses. The ointment acts to stop the production of proteins needed by bacteria to survive. This drug is effective in treating bacterial infection and gram-negative organisms. But it does not work to heal fungal or viral infections. 

We advise you to use the cream more than ten days in a row. Rise your hand with water and soap to avoid any chance of getting into your eyes or mouth. If you want to cure your infection faster use it as your doctor says.

Bactroban Ointment can have some local adverse effects like irritation or burning sensations. These negative effects are mild and they go after a few days.  If these bad effects do not go after 3-4 days, contact your doctor asap. If you are a person who has a history of allergies discuss it with a health adviser before use. 

use of  Bactroban Ointment

  • Treatment of Bacterial skin infections

Advantages of Bactroban Ointment

The cream is very effective to cure skin infections due to bacteria. It kills the bacteria from the roots and prevents bacterial growth.

Side Effects of Bactroban Ointment

The ointment can cause some bad effects also. Although, these bad effects disappear in 3-4 days. Contact a doctor if these effects don’t go.

Most common side effects 

Irritation of the skin and itching.

How to Apply Ointment?

The cream is made to use externally, therefore do not eat or apply it on your internal parts. Apply regularly for a maximum of 10 days. Do not misuse the cream as it may cause a severe allergic reaction. Apply it to the skin gently and leave it.

How it works 

The cream terminates the bacteria and also prevents the infection growth. The ointment blocks the production of proteins that are required by bacteria to grow. 

Safety Tips 

Alcohol- No interaction got 

The pregnancy-The ointment is not unsafe during pregnancy.

Breast feeding-Bactroban Ointment is completely safe during breastfeeding. 

Driving- Nothing found

Liver- No Interaction

Kidney- Nothing found

Quick tips

  • Clean the affected skin and then apply  the ointment
  • Apply it on the skin at least 3 times every day.
  • Sometimes it may cause little irritation on the affected area after application.
  • Avoid using it if expired.
  • In case you do not notice any improvement after 3 days of application talk to your doctor.


Q-Can I use the Bactroban Ointment for diaper rash?

Yes, if the rash is due to bacteria you can use it for diaper rash.

Q- What if the Bactroban Ointment does not work for my infection?

inform your health expert your symptoms are not recovering after 5 days of application. 

Q-For how long can I use the ointment?

Don’t use the ointment more than 10 days in a row. Contact your health expert if you find no improvement after 5 days of application.


Store the ointment in a place which away from heat and moisture.




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