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Metrogyl 400 Mg


Metrogyl 400 Mg


Product Code  : GP05651
Generic Name : Metronidazole
Brand Name    : Flagyl 
Manufacture    : J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Presentation    : Tablets 
Delivery Days  : 10 -12 working days
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Metrogyl 400 (Metronidazole)

Metrogyl 400 mg comes under a group of medicines called antibiotics. It is used to cure many types of infections caused by parasites and bacteria. Doctors prescribe this pill to treat diarrhea caused by microorganisms like Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia lamblia, and Clostridium difficile. Moreover, it also works to treat vaginal and other bacterial infections.

This drug decreases the growth of harmful bacteria and amoeba(parasites).  It blocks the protein production needed by this harmful microorganism to survive.  This also kills the bacteria that cause infection. It also stops the multiplication of bacterial cells and prevents the repair of bacterial cells. Therefore it terminates the bacteria and its growth. This medicine does not work to treat viral infections.

Medicine comes in different forms and strengths. Such as vaginal creams or inserts, topical cream, 250 mg tablets, 500 mg capsules, and injections. Your health expert will suggest you the dose depending on the infection type that is being treated. You can use the pill after food or before food. Avoid any alcoholic beverages when your treatment is going on. Because it can cause the feeling of being unwell or flushing. However, the medicine also has some other common side effects. These effects include vomiting, upset stomach, nausea, loss of appetite, metallic taste, and dry mouth. If you notice any the negative effects consult a doctor.

Do not use Metrogyl 400mg during 1 trimester of pregnancy. Therefore consult your gynecologist if you want to use this medicine. The medicine can also interact with breast milk. Therefore avoid the use of this drug while feeding your baby. The drug can make you dizzy. So do not do those works that need alertness.

Metrogyl Generic Name 

Its generic name is Metronidazole (400mg)


J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Uses of Metrogyl 400mg

  • In the treatment of Bacterial infections
  • In the treatment of Parasitic infections

Metrogyl 400 Price

The price of the medicine is $9.90 for 90 tablets.

How to use 

Metrogyl is available in 500 mg capsules, 250 mg tablets, topical creams, vaginal creams or inserts, and injections. Your doctor will prescribe the correct form of the drug as per your condition. You can take it after food or before food.  Avoid alcohol and alcoholic beverages during treatment. Because you may get the feeling of being sick or flushing.

Medicinal Benefits

The medicine is an antibiotic that is quite effective to treat a wide variety of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. This also kills the dangerous bacteria and amoeba that cause diarrhea. It inhibits the production of the protein. These proteins are needed by the microorganisms for their survival. It Kills the bacteria along with the infection. Thus it works to treat infection and the spreading of bacteria. It can not be given in cold or flu or any viral infection.

Side Effects of Metrogyl 400mg

A few people may taste the adverse effects of this medicine. However, these bad symptoms generally do not need medical help. They vanish once your body becomes used to the medicine.

Common side effects

  • Nausea
  • Metallic taste
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Headache

Safety Advice

  • Do not drink alcohol or alcoholic drinks because this can cause you a feeling of being sick.
  • Avoid this medicine during your pregnancy’s first trimester.
  • Metrogyl 400mg can have adverse effects on the baby’s health therefore you should not use it if breastfeeding.
  • If any task needs alertness you should avoid it. Because it can make you feel dizzy.
  • patients with a history of liver issues should talk to a doctor before use.
  • Talk to your health expert if you have kidney issues.

Special Advise

Please talk to your health expert if have allergic reactions such as itchy skin rash, swelling of the face, lips, throat, tongue or fever, or difficulty in breathing. Do not miss the dose or stop the treatment in between. Because it can reverse your infections. Discuss with your doctor if you have any side effects. Prolonged use of this drug may increase the danger of nerve damage. So use it for the period as prescribed by a doctor.
Do not use alcohol at least for a week after taking the treatment of this drug.  Because you may develop side effects such as nausea, headache, etc.


Q-what metronidazole used for?

Metrogyl comes under a group of medicines called antibiotics. It is used to cure many types of infections caused by parasites and bacteria.

Q-Does Metrogyl tablets cause a metallic taste? 

Yes, the drug can change your taste for some time. You may feel a metallic taste on your tongue. You can reduce these effects just by keeping yourself hydrated.

Q-Should I consult a doctor if I am not seeing any improvement after completing the treatment course?

Yes, You should discuss with your doctor if you do not notice any improvement after taking the drug.


While storing the medicine keep in mind not to put it near heat or flame. keep it in a safe place away from children’s reach.































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