Kamagra 50mg

Kamagra 50mg

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Kamagra tablet helps men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. ED is a common issue that a lot of men encounter and it affects their relationships with their partners too. This tablet contains Sildenafil an active ingredient. It is an inhibitor that eases the blood vessels in the penis. Also, this tablet improves the circulation of blood to the penis when a man is sexually aroused. 

It helps get a stiff erection for sexual activity. If you want to use this tablet, make sure you get the correct dose for which you need to consult your medical expert. The medical expert will decide the relevant dose for you based on your health problems, weight, age, etc. Just like any other medicine, this tablet also accompanies some temporary side effects. If you experience them for a longer duration, speak to your medical expert.

While using this medicine when you engage in sexual activity, you need to use protective measures as this tablet will not protect you against diseases such as AIDS and HIV.

How does this ED tablet work?

Kamagra contains Sildenafil which enhances the flow of blood to the male genital part for sexual stimulation and allows them to maintain an erection.

How to take this tablet?

This tablet will work for a male upon sexual stimulation. The medicine will not give results if a male is not sexually aroused.

Take this medicine 30 minutes before sex to get the best outcome. It helps you get and sustain a stiff erection.

Information about dosages/strengths

You can get this tablet in various strengths:

  • 25mg
  • 50mg
  • 100mg

The active ingredient of this tablet, a PDE5 inhibitor helps males with ED problems.

ED is a sexual dysfunction where men fail to get erections to complete sexual activity. So, this tablet helps them enjoy sexual intercourse.

Missing a dose 

Forgetting a dose is not a concern. You can take it once you recollect. Do not take double doses.


Avoid overdosing on this medicine. Take this tablet in an accurate dose according to the prescription or it can result in serious side effects. If you experience symptoms of overdose, get medical assistance immediately.

Side effects

  • Flushing
  • Stiffness
  • Headache
  • Rash
  • Blurred vision
  • Nosebleeds
  • Upset stomach
  • Indigestion
  • Muscle pain

Conditions where you need to avoid taking this tablet

Kamagra should be avoided in certain conditions if :

  • Allergic to the active ingredient of this tablet.
  • Have or had vision loss in the past
  • Taking Riociguat is used to treat arterial blood pressure.
  • Suffering from heart stroke, heart attack, or liver issues
  • Suffering from a specific eye condition, for example, retinitis pigmentosa.
  • Taking nitrates with this tablet can drop blood pressure.

Medical problems that can intervene with Kamagra function

  • Liver, kidney, or heart problems.
  • Blood cancer or blood-related problems.
  • Bleeding problems such as stomach ulcers.
  • Penis deformities
  • Abrupt vision loss
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • Angina
  • High blood pressure.
  • Low blood pressure

Drug Interactions 

Kamagra can interact with other medications

  • Certain drugs can alter the function of this tablet. This tablet can change the efficacy of other medicines when used together.
  • Inform your medical expert about the existing medicines like supplements, herbals, etc., to avoid related interactions.
  • If you are taking medicines for HIV infection, heart issues, diabetes, asthma, painkillers, or psychiatric illnesses, discuss it with a medical expert.
  • Using this tablet with other drugs containing nitrates can reduce your blood pressure.

Before you use this tablet, notify your healthcare provider about your current medications and health conditions. It will prevent any complications that may arise due to drug interactions.

Women and children below 18 years should avoid taking this medicine. Also, breastfeeding moms are not supposed to take this tablet.

Storage & disposal instructions 

  • Choose a dry & clean spot to store this tablet.
  • Store it in such a place where children cannot access it.
  • Dispose of the medicine pack if the expiry date is over.


Is driving advisable after consuming this tablet?

If you experience dizziness or blurred vision after using this tablet, do not drive.

Can I take this tablet when I am pregnant?

Kamagra medicine is advisable for men only. Women should avoid taking this tablet.

Is it okay to drink alcohol with this tablet?

Refrain yourself from drinking alcohol while taking this medicine as the side effects can get worse.

Can I take this medicine after meals?

Yes, you can take this medicine after or before your meals. For the correct dose, follow the instructions of the sex expert.

Do I need to worry about fertility while taking Kamagra?

This tablet will not impact your fertility in any way. It treats ED problems only.

Can I increase the dosage strength without asking the medical expert?

No. Do not alter the dosage without a healthcare expert’s advice. If the current dosage is not working for you, consult your healthcare expert to change the dose.